Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What type of applications can you write with C#.

You know .net framework has no restriction on types of applications,so since C# uses .net framework it has no restriction too.Common application types are windows

application,web applications and web services.

windows application-These are applications having familiar windows look and feel.It is made by windows forms module of .net framework.(windows forms module is a

library of controls susch as buttons,toolbars,menus etc.. which is used to build a windows user interface(UI)).

Web applications-These applications are web pages which can be viewed by any browser.It is dynamically generating web content by .net framework.This section of .net

framework called as,Active Server Pages.NET).

Web services-These are distributed applications,here data are exchanged virtually over internet with no restriction in language or system it resides.

ADO.NET-All These applications require database access achieved by ADO.NET(Active Data Pages.NET)of .net framework.
Tools used for creating network components,outputting graphics,performing mathematical tasks etc by all applications as per need.

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