Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Explain visual studio with features.

It is the environment which support many languages like c#,c++,visual basic etc. and with ease .net features can be integrated into your code.
The code created will be entirely C# but will use .net framework and you can make use of additional tools in VS when necessary.

Main features of VS is -

Main window contain a start page by default when VS is started.It is the place where all codes will be displayed.

Toolbars is above the main window.It is pops up when mouse mouse over it.Its function range from saving and loading files to building and running projects to dubbing projects.

Server explorer is selectable via View->server explorer from menu option.It provide access to data sources,server settings,services etc.

Solution explorer is selectable via View->solution explorer from menu option.
It displays various view of projects in a solution ie,what files they contain and what is contained in those files.

Properties window is selectable via View->properties window from menu option.It provide detailed view of contents in a project and allow to perform additional configuration of individual elements.
Error list window is selectable via View->Error list menu option.It displays error,warning and other information related to projects.It updates continuously,although some information will appear only when a project is compiled.

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