Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Myths on testing

Myths:"Testing is too expensive"-Test when software development,it results in lesser cost.Otherwise the resulting product will be useless and have to pay more for maintenance and correction later.

Myths:"Missed bugs are due to testers" -It is not right to blame testers for bugs remaining.It depends on time,cost and requirement changing constraints.
Myths:"If software is tested it must be bug free"-No one can say that the software is 100% bug free if tester will superb skills has tested it.

Myths:"Anyone can test the software"-Testers know it well that it is a myth.It is not even possible for whose who developed it to find the bugs.

Myths:"Testers task is to find the bugs"-Testers understand the overall working of the software,what the dependencies are,and what the impacts of one module on another module are.Developers are only responsible for the specific component that is assigned to them.

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