Wednesday, 20 November 2013

How Internet Speed Is Measured

Internet speed is measured in bits by service provider.Since most computer files arrange data in group of eight bits.8 bit=1 bytes.For this reason transfer rate shown when files are downloaded is always in bytes.

  • bit per second=bps
  • kilobit per second=kbps
  • megabit per second=mbps
  • byte per second=Bps
  • kilobyte per second=kBps
  • megabyte per second=mBps
Bit(binary digit)-A bit is the smallest unit of data in computer.A bit has a single binary value either 0 or 1.
Bit rate-It is the rate of bits transmitted usually per second.
  • 4 bits called nibble
  • 8 bits=1 byte(octet)
  • 4 byte=a 32 bit word
  • 1000 bits= 1 kilo bit
  • 1000 kilobits=1 megabit
 a 6 kbps internet connection can transfer data at speed of 6000 bits per second (since 1000 bits=1 kilobits)

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