Friday, 25 October 2013

Computer Input Devices

Input device-It is any peripheral device(piece of computer hardware equipment)which is used to put information into the computer.
Camera-It can be used to take a picture,record a video or for live conversation.

CD-Since CD stores information,it can be opened and added into another computer.

Keyboard-It input numbers or letters into different applications or programs.

Digital camera-It can be used to transfer pictures or videos into the computer.

Drawing Tablet-It has a pen to write on it.When connected to computer,the word or image you draw can be saved to computer.

Microphone-Through it we can record sound and save it on computer.

Scanner-It is used to copy pictures or other things and saved on computer.

Bar code scanner-It is used to scan a little label that has a bar code in it.The information is saved in computer then.

Disk drive-It can hold a CD or floppy disk.It reads information on it.

Mouse-It is used to open/close files,navigate websites,and click on lots of commands on different applications.

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